Adhesive concrete screw for fixing of crash barries on concrete constructions


steel with zinc flake coating
C5i-medium (Toge-Korr)


anchor version with metrical connection thread

Anchoring base:

approved for concrete strength class C 20/25 - C 50/60
cracked and non-cracked concrete

Product features:

  • quick and safe installation
  • high load capacity in cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • load transfer by mechanical interlock in the special thread
  • drill hole sealing by mortar
  • immediate loading without observing of curing time


  • fixing of crash barriers for stopping levels H2 to H4b
ArtikelnummerBezeichnungBohrlochtiefeVerankerungstiefeMaximale BefestigungshöheVerpackungseinheit
202 141 650 TSM B14x165 M16x35 SW12 135 mm 125 mm 24 mm 50
202 161 900 TSM B16x190 M18x45 SW13 135 mm 125 mm 47 mm 25
202 162 200 TSM B16x220 M18x45 SW13 165 mm 155 mm 47 mm 25

Montageanleitung NUMERIERT Verbundankerschraube 27092013 2

Installation instructions:

1) drill hole
2) clean the drill hole
3) brush the drill hole
4) clean the drill hole again
5) inject the mortar
6) screw the anchor
7) the mortar must come out on the concrete surface
8) fixing the fixture with the specified torque moment. Curing time need not be observed.


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