Concrete screw for railing fixing according to GEL 14 and GEL 33


stainless steel


Version with metrical thread

Anchoring base:

Concrete C 20/25 - C 50/60
cracked and non-cracked concrete

​Product features:​​

  • load transfer by undercut
  • drill hole waterproofing by composite mortar
  • immediate loading without observing the cure time of the composite mortar
  • high load capacity in cracked and non-cracked concrete​
  • fast and safe installation with standard battery screwdrivers


  • railing fastening according to  GEL 14 and GEL 33


ArticlenumberTypeDepth of drill holeEmbedment depthMaximum thickness of fixturePackaging unit
741 101 400 TSM BS 10x140 M 12x35 SW9 95 mm 85 mm 33 mm 50
741 101 600 TSM BS 10x160 M 12x55 SW9 95 mm 85 mm 53 mm 50
741 142 200 TSM BS 14x220 M 16x80 SW12 125 mm 115 mm 70 mm 25


Montageanleitung NUMERIERT Verbundankerschraube 27092013 2Installation instructions: 

1) drill hole
2) clean the drill hole
3) brush the drill hole 4 times
4) clean the drill hole again
5) inject the mortar
6) screw in the anchor
7) the mortar must come out onto the concrete surface
8) the assembly can be made immediately without observing the cure time of the composite mortar

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