Adhesive screw anchor for anchoring of dynamically loaded bridge caps of DB


steel with zinc flake coating


TSM BC 22 M 24 SW17 with head washer

Anchoring base:

approved for concrete strength class C 20/25 - C 50/60
cracked and non-cracked concrete

Product features:

  • approved as concrete-concrete connector
  • approved for dynamic loads for 5 Mio cycles by the German federal railway authority according to RIL 804 of DB
  • load transfer in old concrete by mechanical interlock in the special thread
  • load transfer in new concrete by headed fastener (hexagon head or head washer)
  • Proof for sealing system without and after cyclic load
  • application for subsequent anchoring of bridge cap - huge cost savings by obtaining of bridge cap

Steel with zinc flake coating

Article NumberTypeDepth of drill holeAnchorage depthMaximum thickness of fixturePackaging unit
204 223 351 HMS SB 22x335 K M24x120 SW17  210 mm 200 mm - 20



Montage NUMERIERT Randkappenanker für dynamische belastete Kappen der DB 27092013 2

Installation instructions for new construction of the bridge cap

1) drill hole
2) clean the drill hole
3) brush the drill hole
4) clean the drill hole again
5) inject the mortar
6) screw in the anchor
7) the mortar must come out on the concrete surface
















Montage NUMERIERT mit Stufenbohrung nachträgliche Kappenverankerung 27092013 2

Installation instructions for subsequent anchoring of bridge cap

1) drill the hole with diameter of 35 mm
2) insert the guide sleeve for 52-hole into 35-hole
3) drill the hole with diameter of 52 mm
4) insert the guide sleeve for 16-hole into 35-hole
5) drill the 16-hole
6) brush the 16-hole
7) clean all holes
8) inject the mortar into the 16-hole
9) screw the anchor until the backfilling washer rest completely on the edge of 52-hole
10) inject the mortar through backfilling washer into the 35-hole


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