TOGE concrete screw TSM high performance

TOGE concrete screw TSM high performance is the new generation of concrete screws which achieves higher load values due to an adaptation of the thread geometry and enables anchoring at smaller screw-in depths. In addition to the application with various screw-in depths, there is a feature to adjust the concrete screws when attaching balusters as well as during applications with category C1 earthquake loading. With the expansion of our product portfolio through further dimensions in the area of galvanized and rustproof models, the new TMS high performance offers attachment options suitable for all requirements.


EBA approval for adhesive screw anchors

Following the approval by the German Federal Railway Office for the TOGE adhesive screw anchors in size M24 for the attachment of noise barriers posts on construction sites by the Deutsche Bahn there have been further approvals this year for sizes M12-M24 for use on engineering structures of the Deutsche Bahn in terms of RIL 804. The application applies to all dimensions in terms of fatigue loads of up to 5 million stress cycles. The approval encompasses potential applications such as the anchoring of bridge caps in new cap constructions or for the sustainable anchoring and attachment of kilometre and hectometre signals as well as antenna attachments. Additionally, the use of adhesive screw anchors as sustainable reinforcement in the areas of shear reinforcement, punching reinforcement and flexural tensile reinforcement are regulated by the approval. 


Toge concrete screw TSM as hybrid anchor

In most cases, anchors that are implemented outdoors or in loaded atmospheres require a secure, reliable borehole seal in order to protect the anchoring product or the anchoring foundation (e.g. frost or dew damage). This usually occurs via the use of adhesive anchors. However, adhesive anchors have some disadvantages, the first being that the setting time of the composite mortar must be taken into consideration, and secondly the quality of the anchor is extremely dependent on the cleaning of the borehole. During overhead installations the anchors often have to be wedged in order to avoid the anchor rod from slipping out of the borehole if the composite mortar has not yet set. Procuring the necessary installation torque can also only be carried out with delay.
While this problem does not occur with expansion anchors and/or bolts, they do not possess the technology to seal boreholes and often have significantly lower critical load values than modern adhesive anchor systems.
TOGE concrete screws combine the benefits of both systems into one product. The TSM concrete screws in diameters 8,10, 12 and 14 (ETA 15/0514) can be used with or without composite mortars according to the approval. With diameters 10, 12 and 14 (Z.21.1-1799) even significant load increases are rendered possible. This notably reduces the required amount of various anchoring devices and leads to a significant reduction in logistical efforts for the user. The installation torque can be applied immediately after the screw has been anchored. This eliminates waiting times even in low temperatures.

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