Bridge Cap Anchor Road Bridges for subsequent fastening

Bridge Cap Anchor


For existing or prefabricated caps of road bridges or subsequent fastening

The TOGE TSM BS VS bridge cap anchor has approval as a concrete-to-concrete connector. In combination with injection mortar, it allows high load bearing in cracked and non-cracked concrete. The composite mortar seals the drill hole during processing, preventing water penetration. This TOGE bridge cap anchor is approved for concrete strength classes from C20/25 to C50/60.

TOGE TSM BS VS Bridge Cap Anchor – At a Glance


Approved by building authorities as shear-connector.


Fast and safe installation.

Cost saving

Application as subsequent anchoring of the bridge cap to the superstructure – enormous cost saving by retaining the existing cap.

Force Transmission

Transmission of forces in existing concrete by the undercutting technique in combination with chemical mortar.

Force Transmission

Force transmission in new concrete via shear studs (hexagonal head or shear stud washer).


Verification of the impermeability of the system without or after alternating load.

Headshapes and Materials

01 | TSM BS 16 SW 27

Bridge cap anchor with backfill disc – steel, corrosion coated TOGE KORR

01 | TSM BS 16 SW 27

Bridge cap anchor with backfill disc – steel, corrosion coated TOGE KORR

02 | CF-T 300V

Injection mortar and accessories

02 | CF-T 300V

Injection mortar and accessories

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Application Examples

Subsequent fastening of bridge caps
on road bridges with the TOGE TSM VS


Approval | Installation Instructions | Technical Information


Base Materials

Application in cracked and non-cracked concrete
of strength classes from C20/25 to C50/60.

This is how simple the installation works:

  1. Create hole with 35 mm diameter.
  2. See 1.
  3. Create a 52 mm diameter hole concentric to the 35 mm hole.
  4. see 3.
  5. Drill a 16 mm hole concentrically to the 35 mm hole.
  6. Thoroughly blow out the borehole.
  7. Brush the borehole 4x.
  8. Thoroughly clean the 16 mm borehole again.
  9. Discard three full strokes of composite mortar – then inject composite mortar into 16 mm hole.
  10. Screw in the concrete screw until the backfill disc rests on the edges of the 52 borehole.
  11. Fill the 35 mm hole over the backfill disc with composite mortar and fill the 52 mm hole with suitable mortar.


Product Information

Technical Data

General type approval +
General technical approval
approval Z-21.1.1799

General type approval +
general technical approval

Safety Data Sheet
Composite Mortar CF-T 300 V

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