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Innovation meets quality: the economical concrete screw TOGE TSM ECO

Every project requires a balanced combination of quality, efficiency and cost savings. This is exactly where the TOGE TSM ECO concrete screw comes in – a ground-breaking product that has been specially developed for economical use. The TOGE TSM ECO concrete screw not only impresses with its outstanding performance features, but also with its sustainable approach and economic attractiveness.

TOGE TSM ECO – At a glance


We understand that price is often a decisive factor for your projects. The TOGE TSM ECO concrete screw has been optimised through innovative production processes to offer you a remarkable price saving without compromising on quality. Our aim is to offer you a high-quality product that is still easy on your budget.

Sustainability in focus

The TOGE TSM ECO concrete screw is not only economical, but also more environmentally friendly than conventional concrete screws. By using optimised production processes, we not only reduce manufacturing costs, but also CO2 emissions. Your decision in favour of the TOGE TSM ECO concrete screw therefore contributes to a sustainable future without compromising on quality.

Designed and manufactured in Germany

Quality “Made in Germany“ – that’s more than just a slogan. The TOGE TSM ECO concrete screw was developed by an experienced team in Germany and is also manufactured there. This not only guarantees the highest quality standards, but also close cooperation with experts who understand your needs as a user.

Good load values for versatile applications

Whether tensile or shear loads – the TOGE TSM ECO concrete screw offers outstanding load values that fulfil your requirements. You can rely on its robustness and stability to securely fasten and reliably hold shelving systems or other add-on parts.

Easy to work with

Your time is precious and we want to ensure that you can realise your projects efficiently. The TOGE TSM ECO concrete screw is characterised by its ease of use. Thanks to its intelligent design and optimised geometry, it can be screwed into concrete effortlessly, saving you valuable working time and effort.

ETA Approval

Your safety is our top priority. With ETA-23/0693, the TOGE TSM ECO concrete screw has a high-quality approval that officially confirms its performance and reliability. You can rest assured that our concrete screw meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Headshapes and Materials

01 | TSM E SW

Hexagonal head – steel, zinc-plated

01 | TSM E SW

Hexagonal head – steel, zinc-plated

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Application Examples

Fastening of racks in high-bay warehouses

Fastening of railings

Fastening piping

Fastening ventilation ducts

Approval | Installation Instructions | Technical Information


Base material

Approved for concrete strength classes from C20/25 to C50/60.
Cracked and non-cracked concrete.

This is how simple the installation works:

  1. Create borehole.
  2. Thoroughly clean borehole.
  3. Screw in the TOGE TSM ECO.
  4. The screw head must rest completely on the attachment.




European technical assessment

Certificate of conformity

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